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Subnews with News not Checked

Jan 28, 2015. Subnews with News not Checked [Read more...]


Sep 20, 2014. This is post #36. I will use it for testing the teaser shortCode.

Here's a graph of job creation under Democratic and Republican presidents for the last 75 years. It tells a story you need to know.
   ♦ Here's the link: http://2act.org/politics
   ♦ And here's the back story http://2act.org/politics [Read more...]


Sep 20, 2014. Hear's a second teaser from the politics page. [Read more...]


Sep 20, 2014. And here's a third teaser. [Read more...]


This should come before the mailchimp form

* indicates required

How to make a 1-Fact page?

  • Using a form to email it:
    • It would be nice to have the words be words and not an impage
  • Using their own email
    • Still not to have words be words, but they can’t use HTML to look nice
  • It seems like for both we should have:
    • A graph with the Fact words in one big (400w x 600h) image
    • The fact words as words either above or below.
  • Perhaps just the use-your-own email method.
    • it includes the following automatically
      • Subject = menu title
      • See the fact here: URL-of-Page
      • To include the fact as an image just copy and paste it in here.
add_shortcode(‘send_to_friend’, ’email_to_friend’);
function email_to_friend($atts)
    global $post;
        ‘anchor_text’ => ‘Send to Friend’,
    ), $atts));
    $post_title = htmlspecialchars( $post->post_title );
    $email_subject = ‘Sur ‘.htmlspecialchars(get_bloginfo(‘name’)).‘ : ‘.$post_title;
    $email_body = ‘I recommend this page : ‘.$title.‘. You can read it on : ‘.get_permalink($post->ID);
    return $send_button;